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Barrier is shipped by UPS. Please let us calculate the UPS Ground cost
according to the length and thickness selected on your order form.


The running bamboos are spreaders. These species need room to grow. Don't plant them in tiny spaces unless in a pot or a rhizome barrier is installed around the perimeter of the desired space. For the timber size running bamboos a 25' X 25' space is desirable to allow for free growth over the years.

A good rhizome barrier cRhizome barrier installedan be made by trenching a perimeter around where the plant is to be contained and then placing on edge our barrier made from 30" high, 40 mil plastic. Seal the seam with pop-rivets, underground pipe wrap tape or our plastic clamp assembly as shown. Another method is by filling the trench with concrete. If the trenching seems excessive rent a Ditch Witch type trencher to do the job. If the climate is dry in the summer, an effective barrier can be accomplished through drip irrigation and watering only the center of the plant.
Our black plastic rhizome barrier is 30" high and made of 40 and 60 mil polyethylene. Minimum order is 20 feet. Maximum length per box is 200 feet. We can cut any length in between.

Click on the drawings to read an article about installing rhizome barrier in a small area.

barrier seam

60 MIL PLASTIC RHIZOME BARRIER 30" HIGH  20'-50' $2.80/ft.
60 MIL PLASTIC RHIZOME BARRIER 30" HIGH  51'-100' $2.60/ft.
60 MIL PLASTIC RHIZOME BARRIER 30" HIGH  101'+ $2.20/ft.
30" Plastic Rhizome Barrier End Clamp $20

Plastic Rhizome Barrier Clamp Assembly
Order one clamp assembly per seam. Ideally, only one seam is necessary. The clamp comes with stainless steel bolts, washers and nuts. Each installation may have different characteristics. Order clamps as needed.