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Tools are shipped by USPS Priority Mail at the Medium Flat Rate Box- $18.00 (8X or 10X - each require  box) Everything else can be mixed to fill one medium flat rate box .
Low cost exceptions
- One 3X, 4X or 6X Splitter each require a padded envelope. We may ship one or mixed Bamboo hatchet, Bamboo saw, Mikihisa Knife, Star-M Drill bits and Tapered drill bits only - $8 .oo in Padded Envelope.

Japanese Bamboo Tools (Are being discontinued as Inventory Runs Out)

We offer the best tools designed and made in Japan for working with bamboo. These tools should be used carefully. Bamboo is easy to work with after a little practice. Start out with small pieces until comfortable with the process. Always wear safety glasses and gloves when cutting or splitting bamboo.

Tool Name
Gyokucho saw, 11 1/2" blade, black   
$36 9 oz.
Gyokucho saw, replacement blade


4 oz.
Fugaku saw, 11 1/2" blade & scabbard
9 oz.
Fugaku saw, replacement blade


4 oz.
Hori-Hori Knife
12 oz.
Hori-Hori Knife Stainless, serrated side
$27 11 oz
Mikihisa folding knife, 2 3/4" blade
5 oz.
4 mm. Star-M Bamboo drill bit $11.70 1 oz.
5 mm. Star-M Bamboo drill bit $11.80 1.25 oz.
7 mm. Star-M Bamboo drill bit $13.60 1.5 oz.
8 mm. Star-M Bamboo drill bit $13.75 1.5 oz.
9 mm. Star-M Bamboo drill bit $13.90 1.5 oz.
10 mm. Star-M Bamboo drill bit $15.80 1.5 oz.
Bamboo splitter X3
19 oz.
Bamboo splitter X4
21 oz.
  3X splitter
The Stainless steel Hori-Hori knife has one side serrated. It is great for dividing plants! It holds a sharp edge even when working in soil.
Stainless Steel Hori-Hori Knife
Fugaku Bamboo Saw
Fugaku bamboo saw with a locking and swivel scabbard
Is best for grove cutting and maintenance.

Mikihisa folding knife

Hori-hori knife

Gyokucho bamboo saw

drill bits

drill test

4X splitter